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Practice of smoky gray hair tutorial

Practice of smoky gray hair tutorial

Many people see other people’s hair dyed some fashion are particularly good, a lot of people think that this seminar soot hair is special personality, we should be how to dye that hair of soot? This requires your skills, and the hair of gray smoke some are ready hair dye.

The practice of smoky gray hair is hair and general method is the same, first to wash my hair and then to the hair, the hair dye is good for it.

But when the hair is not touch the roots, because the hair dye is damaging to the human body, so that we must be careful, when the hand hair hair dye can not be touched, be sure to bring gloves for the job.

Hair dye well and then wash it. Some hair dyes are readily available, but also some hair dyes is to make their own tune. It can be mixed with other hair economy, mixed up hair color is a kind of gray smoke, and this seems to be especially good.

No matter what a way to dye the gray smoke they are particularly good, while hair when we must be careful, though good-looking hair, but it is toxic.